Dimensions: diam. 26 mm – 353 mm

Grades: CuSn12/ Rg-7 (Brocs), CuAl10Ni5Fe4 (Braž), CuSn8 (Brof)

We offer a variety of sizes and alloys of bronze tubesPossible material size customizing for Your needs. Other bronze alloysif not currently in stock, available by ordering.

Times ago bronze was widely used in maritime industries,  because it has a high anti-corrosive sustainment in aggressive environment, prior to stainless steel was designed. Till now bronze is widely used in ship propellers and bearings production.

Today’s use of bronze is impaired, however, it still uses in mechanical industry, art, sculptures, musical instruments, bells as well as in medal manufacturing and in other areas.

Bronze has not been defined, however, the bronze is regarded as the most common, consisting of 88% copper and 12% tin. Also available bronze without tin, with aluminium (5—11% aluminium), lead, silicon, beryllium and other components as nickel, zinc. If the copper alloy dominant additive is zinc, then it is a brass.